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Name:Everett Hitch
Birthdate:Mar 14
Location:New Mexico, United States of America
Everett Hitch
Gunhand and Peace Officer
Character Information
Name: Everett Hitch
Fandom: Appaloosa (Book and Movie canon)
Canon Point: End of Appaloosa, before Resolution.
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight (but not militantly so)
Character Description
Personality: Everett is a man of few words. He is literate and decently well read for the time. As such, he is always ready to provide a missing word, almost like a walking human thesaurus. Steadfast and loyal, Everett will stand next to the person he is working with. He will also stand up for a cause. Laid back and cool under pressure, he is well suited to the peace officer work that he and Cole have done together. A man of principle, Everett doesn't abide injustices around him. He will defend the underdog, protect the weak and the oppressed.

As a former soldier, Everett prefers some rigidity in his life. That is one of the reasons he took so easily to working as a peace officer. His eight gauge shotgun acts as both a playing field leveler and a security blanket. He trusts his life to his ability to use that weapon, making him slightly dependent on it. It and his sidearm are never far from his sight, even when he is sleeping or laying with a woman. West Point taught him discipline and the ability to lead or follow. Everett is adaptable as a situation calls for, filing the role required of him. And, through it all, he does not even raise his voice.

Appearance: Everett stands 5'11" tall, with dark blond, close-cropped hair and blue eyes. He wears a Van Dyke style beard and moustache, which he keeps clean shaven. When outside, he is almost always wearing a wide brimmed hat and multi-colored scarf. While his day to day clothing might change to suit the weather, his gun belt and shotgun are always with him.
Equipment and Housing
Equipment Carried (Worn):


Legal and Contact Stuff
This journal contains subjects of an adult nature. Sex and violence will be common themes. If you are under the age of majority in your locale (18 in the US), kindly piss off. Hitch lives on Atia and plays in [info]amatomnes.

Everett Hitch is fictional and the property of Robert Parker and New Line Cinema. He is protected by US Copyright Law. Artwork is NOT the mun's, unless noted, and is used under the Fair Use provision of US Copyright law. Viggo Mortensen belongs only to himself, he's just the face that goes with the character.

Hitch can be reached, IC or OOC, through PMs or the contact post at the beginning of this journal.
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